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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available for all common operations.

The shortcut mapping is read from the file:


This file can be modified and moved to a user folder to set up individual keyboard preferences

The & symbol denotes that multiple keys should be pressed.

Ctrl & z Undo
Ctrl & Shift & z Redo
Alt & z Opens the command history
F1 Display Project Metadata
F2 Display Project Table
F3 Displays Clip Metadata
Ctrl & Down Go to previous project
Ctrl & Up Go to next project
Ctrl & n Create a new clip
Ctrl & Left Go to previous clip
Ctrl & Right Go to the next clip
Ctrl & Shift & Left Go to first clip
Ctrl & Shift & Right Go to the last clip
Ctrl & i Mark In
Ctrl & o Mark Out
Left Step frame backward
Right Step frame forward
Shift & Space Play backwards
Space Play forwards
[ Jump to start of clip
] Jump to end of clip
Ctrl & p Update clip thumbnail
F9 QC Pass
F10 QC Fail
f Player fit to screen
g Player display 1:1
- Player zoom out
= Player zoom in
Tab Player full screen (hide description and transport)
Ctrl & Tab Player hide description

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