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Common GUI Controls

The following controls are available in all views.

Clip Buttons


Mark In Sets the start timecode of the clip
Mark Out Sets the end timecode of the clip
Set Thumbnail Updates the clip thumbnail from the reference
Add Clip Adds a clip to the Project Table
Delete Clip Deletes the selected clip
QC Controls


QC Pass Selects the selected clip to Pass
QC Fail Sets the selected clip to Fail
Undo Controls
Undo the last command BifrostUndo.png
Open up the the command history dialogue BifrostUndoHistory.png
Redo (Undo the last undo command) BifrostRedo.png

Live Feed Mini Pic


A miniature display of the live feed is always displayed in the bottom right hand corner

Exit Bifrost QC


Exit the application.

All undo history is cleared on exit.

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