University of Westminster invest in Phoenix Finish.

Digital Vision are proud to announce that the School of Media, Art and Design at the University of Westminster invest in Phoenix Finish for their new archive facility.


“The release of 2018.2 coincides with the launch of Digital Vision’s educational establishment program. The program will ensure that media courses at schools, colleges and universities around the world have access to the best image science for colour grading and restoration in Digital Vision’s Nucoda, Phoenix and DVO.

“Nucoda 2018.1, hugely impressive!”

“Nucoda 2018.1, hugely impressive!”

“I’m hugely impressed with the speed benefits Nucoda 2018 is giving us. Prores renders are over 3x faster, and as we make a lot of files, this makes a huge difference”

Gerry Gedge Head of Grading at R3Store Studios.



Since the start of Gerry’s career in the industry way back in 1983, Gerry has worked on a considerable range of challenging projects across film production.