Television programes graded on Nucoda

Release Date Company Colourist
10 Things I Hate About… Halo Ross Baker
101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow The Farm Colin Peters
12 Years Old & Caring For Mum: Through A Child’s Eyes Directors Cut Andy Elliot
21 Up – New Generation Halo Ross Baker
24 Hours in A&E Series 1-6 The Farm Sonny Sheridan
24 Hours In Police Custody 2014 The Farm
30 & Counting The Farm Sonny Sheridan
48 Hours 2013 CBS
60 Minutes 2012 CBS
999: What’s Your Emergency? The Farm Sonny Sheridan
A Day in the Life of the Son of God Halo Ross Baker
A Life in Songs Directors Cut Andy Elliot
A Touch of Cloth The Farm Perry Gibbs
A Touch of Cloth 2 The Farm Aiden Farrell
A Young Doctor’s Notebook 2013 The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Adopting Abroad: Saira’s Story The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Adrift Halo Ross Baker
Agatha Raisin And The Quiche Of Death The Farm Aiden Farrell
Airborne: RAF at 90 Halo Ross Baker
Alan Kane: Life Class: Today’s Nude The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Alex: A Life Fast Forward The Farm Sonny Sheridan
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace The Farm Colin Peters
American Dad 2013 Keep Me Posted
Attenborough’s Journey Halo Ross Baker
Autopsy Halo Ross Baker
Beaver Falls The Farm Aiden Farrell
Being Eileen 2011 The Farm
Ben Earl: Trick Artist The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Benidorm The Farm Aiden Farrell
Berlin Halo Ross Baker
Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off The Farm Aiden Farrell
Blackout The Farm Aiden Farrell
Blandings Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Bo Selecta: Cha’mone Mo’Fo’ Halo Ross Baker
Boomers Halo Ross Baker
Boots No7 Protect & Perfect The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Brian Cox Wonders Of Life The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model Series 8 Halo Ross Baker
Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival The Farm Perry Gibbs
Britain’s Great War 2014 Clear Cut Pictures Enge Gray
Britain’s Wildest Weather 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Britains Best Back gardens Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Britains Wildest Weather Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Broadchurch 2013 Encore London
Broadmoor Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Bugging Hitler 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
By Any Means 2013 Encore London Paul Staples
Captain Winkle Browns Log Book Halo Ross Baker
Caroline Quentin’s National Parks The Farm Perry Gibbs
Casualty 1909 The Farm Sonny Sheridan
CBS News Sunday Morning 2013 CBS
Celebrity Coach Trip Halo Ross Baker
Celebrity Juice 2014 Suite Joe Stabb
Centurion Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Chasing Shadows Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Cheryl T4/MTV Special 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Chickens The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railways Halo Ross Baker
Christmas Coach Trip Halo Ross Baker
Citizen Khan Series 3 2014 The Farm Perry Gibbs
Classic Albums : Peter Gabriels "So" Halo Ross Baker
Climate Change: Britain Under Threat Halo Ross Baker
Cloud Lab Halo Ross Baker
Coach Trip Series 3-8 Halo Ross Baker
Common Ground The Farm Colin Peters
Conned, Fleeced and Left for Broke The Farm Colin Peters
Cops and Coyotes Halo Ross Baker
Count Arthur Strong Suite Joe Stabb
Countdown to Murder Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Cracking Antiques The Farm Perry Gibbs
Crocodiles with Ben Fogle Directors Cut Andy Elliot
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2012 Encore Hollywood Paul Westerbeck
CSI: NY 2004 Encore Hollywood Johnny Kirkwood
CSI:Ghosts of the Past 2013 Encore Hollywood Paul Westerbeck
Curiosity: The Power of the Sun Halo Ross Baker
Cutting Edge: Capital Living 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Cutting Edge: Meet the Commissioner 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Da Vinci's Demons Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Dallas 2012 MTI Film Steven Porter
Dates Encore London Paul Staples
David Hockney: A Bigger Picture The Farm Colin Peters
Dead Famous DNA Halo Ross Baker
Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall 2013 Peacock Productions
Death in Paradise Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Death Row Dates The Farm Aiden Farrell and Sonny Sheridan
Decoding Neanderthals Halo Ross Baker
Del Boys and Dealers The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Derek 2012 - 2014 Narduzzo Too Vince Narduzzo
Derren Brown: Svengali 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Dinner Dates Halo Ross Baker
Dino Gangs Halo Ross Baker
Disaster Movies Halo Ross Baker
Doc Martin 2013 Encore London Paul Staples
Dogs: Their Secret Lives 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Dogs: Their secret Lives Series 2 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Downton Abbey 2013 - The Farm
Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2011 The Farm Aiden Farrell
Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2012 The Farm Aiden Farrell
Dragons Den 2013 Screen Scene
Dynamo: Magician Impossible Series 3 and 4 The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Earth: The Climate Wars Halo Ross Baker
Earth: The Power of The Planet Halo Ross Baker
Eating with Cannibals Halo Ross Baker
Eden Eats 2011 Final Frame
English Heritage Halo Ross Baker
Eric and Ernie The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Estate Agents Halo Ross Baker
Exposure: No Brides Please! We’re British Halo Ross Baker
Extant 2014 Encore Hollywood
Families in Care Halo Ross Baker
Family Guy 2013 Keep Me Posted
Fatal Attractions Halo Ross Baker
Fatal Attractions Series 3 Halo Ross Baker
Father and Son The Farm Aiden Farrell
Fifteen to One The Farm Colin Peters
Fighting on the Home Front Halo Ross Baker
Final Witness 2012 Final Frame
Finding the Hanging Gardens Halo Ross Baker
First Life with David Attenborough Halo Ross Baker
Flight of Faith Halo Ross Baker
Frankie 2013 The Farm
Fresh Meat 2011 Encore London
Fresh Meat 2012 Encore London Paul Staples
Fresh Meat Series Three 2013 Encore London Jet Omeshobi
Gadget Man 2014 Clear Cut Pictures Enge Gray
Game of Thrones 2011 Screen Scene
Garrow's Law 2009 Encore London
Gavin and Stacey The Farm Colin Peters
GCB 2012 MTI Film
Gems TV The Farm Colin Peters
George Clarke's Amazing Space 2013 Halo Ross Baker
George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Series 1 – 4 Halo Ross Baker
George Clarke’s Shed of the Year Halo Ross Baker
George Cross Heroes Halo Ross Baker
George Gently The Farm Aiden Farrell
Get baking with Paul Hollywood Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Gifted The Farm Colin Peters
Gok Wan: Made In China Halo Ross Baker
Good Swan, Bad Swan, Dancing Swan Lake Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Gotham 2014 Encore Hollywood Paul Westerbeck
Grayson Perry: Who Are You? The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Great British railway Journeys Halo Ross Baker
Great Canal Journeys Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Great Expectations 2011 Encore London
Greatest Dishes in the World Halo Ross Baker
Green China Rising Halo Ross Baker
Hairy Bikers – Restoration Road Trip Halo Ross Baker
Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip 2013 Halo Katherine Jamieson
Haiti’s Ashes Halo Ross Baker
Hard Time 2009 Final Frame
Harold Shipman - Driven to Kill Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Harry and Paul The Farm Colin Peters
Harry and Paul’s Story of the Twos The Farm Perry Gibbs
Hawaii Five-O 2010 Encore Hollywood Johnny Kirkwood
Hawking: Grand Designs Halo Ross Baker
Hebburn The Farm Colin Peters
Hell In The Pacific Halo Ross Baker
Hell On Wheels 2013 MTI Film Steven Porter
Help, I’m Turning Into a Giant Halo Ross Baker
Hemlock Grove (pilot) 2013 Encore Hollywood Paul Westerbeck
Hermitage Revealed Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Hidden Kingdoms 2014 Films at 59
Him and Her 3 The Farm Colin Peters
Holby City 1999 Narduzzo Too Vince Narduzzo
Homeland 2013 Keep Me Posted Keith Shaw
Horizon : Deepwater Disasters Halo Ross Baker
Horizon : Diet Halo Ross Baker
Horizon : Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs Halo Ross Baker
Horizon : The Death of the Oceans Halo Ross Baker
Horizon : The Secret Life of the Dog Halo Ross Baker
Horizon : Unholy Alliance Halo Ross Baker
Horizon : What is Reality? Halo Ross Baker
Hotel India The Farm Sonny Sheridan
How to build a Planet 2013 Halo Ross Baker
How To Get A Council House Series 2 The Farm Colin Peters
How To Get Ahead… The Farm Colin Peters
How Video Games Changed the World The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Human Swarm Halo Ross Baker
Human Universe with Professor Brian Cox Halo Ross Baker
Hunderby The Farm Perry Gibbs and Colin Peters
Hunt For the Abominable Snowman Halo Ross Baker
I Was There: The Great War Interviews Halo Ross Baker
Ian Brady:Endgames of a Psychopath The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Ibiza Rocks 2011 & 2012 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Imagine : Ben Hur Halo Ross Baker
Imagine : Cairo Halo Ross Baker
Imagine : Diane Athill Halo Ross Baker
Imagine : Iraq in Venice Halo Ross Baker
Imagine : Muybridge Halo Ross Baker
Imagine: Hitler, The Tiger And Me Halo Ross Baker
Imagine: The Sound of Music Halo Ross Baker
Imagine: Vivian Maier, Who Took Nanny’s Pictures? Halo Ross Baker
In the Flesh Encore London Jet Omeshebi
In The Flesh The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Inside Claridge’s The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Inside No 9 Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Inside the Human Body Halo Ross Baker
James May: Toys Fight Club Halo Ross Baker
James May’s Toy Stories Halo Ross Baker
James Wong’s Malaysian Garden Halo Ross Baker
Jamie’s American Road Trip The Farm Sonny Sheridan
Jamie’s Comfort Food Halo Ross Baker
Jamie’s Money Saving Meals Series 1 - 2 Halo Ross Baker
Jamies Fish Supper Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Jane Austen: The Unseen Portrai Halo Ross Baker
Jeremy Clarkson – An Arctic Convoys Disaster Halo Ross Baker
Jeremy Clarkson: Greatest Raid of All Time Halo Ross Baker
Jersey Couture 2010 Final Frame
Jesus: Rise to Power Halo Ross Baker
JFK: 7 Days That Made a President 2014 Clear Cut Pictures Enge Gray
Joanna Lumley meets Will-i-am Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey The Farm Perry Gibbs
John Bishop’s Australia Recycled Halo Ross Baker
Journey to the Centre of the Planet with Richard Hammond Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Justin Bieber T4/MTV Special 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Kathrine Mills: Mind Games 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Katie Hopkins my Fat Story Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Key & Peele 2012 MTI Film
Kids behind bars Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Lawless Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Lennon Naked Halo Ross Baker
Life Bites Halo Ross Baker
Life's Too Short 2011 Narduzzo Too Vince Narduzzo
Line Of Duty Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Longmire 2012 MTI Film Steven Porter
Looking for Lowry Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Love & Marriage 2013 Encore London Paul Staples
Love For Sale Halo Ross Baker
Love Your Garden 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Low Winter Sun 2013 MTI Film
Luther Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Made in Chelsea (S1-8) 2014 The Farm
Major Crimes 2012 MTI Film
March to Justice 2013 Peacock Productions
Masters of the Universe Halo Ross Baker
Mayday 2013 Encore London
Meet the Landlords Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Meet the Middletons Halo Ross Baker
Meet the Mormons Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Meet the Pups Halo Ross Baker
Mendelssohn, the Nazis and Me Halo Ross Baker
Miami Swat Halo Ross Baker
Micky Flanagan's Detour De France 2014 Narduzzo 2 Vince Narduzzo
Money Halo Ross Baker
Moonfleet 2013 Screen Scene
Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia Halo Ross Baker
Mount Pleasant 2013 Encore London Paul Staples
Mr Selfridge 2013 Encore London
Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas 2011 Halo Ross Baker
Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas 2012 Halo Ross Baker
Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas 2013 Halo Ross Baker
Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas 2014 Halo Ross Baker
Mrs Brown’s Boys Series 2-3 Halo Ross Baker
Mrs. Brown's Boys 2013 Halo Ross Baker
Musicwood : Dir Maxine Trump 2013 Helpman Productions
My Mad fat Diary Encore London Paul Staples
Nature 2014 Films at 59
Natures Most Wanted Halo Ross Baker
Neccesary Roughness 2013 Keep Me Posted
New Worlds (Season 1) 2014 The Farm
Nikita 2010 Encore Hollywood Paul Westerbeck
Nine Months Later Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Obsession: Dark Desires 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Off Their Rockers 2013 The Farm
One Direction TV Special 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Origins of Us Halo Ross Baker
Our America With Lisa Ling 2011 Final Frame
Our Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell Halo Ross Baker
Outcasts 2010 The Farm
Outnumbered 2012 Halo Ross Baker
Panorama Special: Broken by Battle Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Panorama: Undercover Justice for Sale Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Pedigree Dogs Exposed: 3 Years on Halo Ross Baker
Perspectives – Portillo on Picasso Halo Ross Baker
PhoneShop 2011 Narduzzo 2 Vince Narduzzo
Picture of London Halo Ross Baker
Plain Jane Series 3 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy 2014 The Farm
Pompidou Suite Joe Stabb
Posh People: Inside Tatler Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Prey 2014 Narduzzo Too
Pricing the Priceless Halo Ross Baker
Prisoners Wives Encore London Paul Staples
Psych 2013 Keep Me Posted
Psycopath Next Door Encore London Jet Omeshebi
Rachel Bruno: Me and My Dad Halo Ross Baker
Raging Planet Halo Ross Baker
Rastamouse Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Reggie Perrin Series 3 Halo Ross Baker
Release the Hounds 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Release the Hounds Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Relentless 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
Restless 2012 Encore London
Richard Hammond - How to Build a Planet Halo Ross Baker
Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds Halo Ross Baker
Ringer 2011 MTI Film
Ripper Street 2012 Egg Post Production
Ripper Street (Seson 2) 2013 Screen Scene
Robson Green Extreme Fishing Halo Ross Baker
Rococo Halo Ross Baker
Ronnie’s Animal Crackers Halo Ross Baker
Ross Kemp: Extreme World Series 3 2014 The Farm
School For Stars Series 2 & 3 Halo Ross Baker
Secrets of Stonehenge Skeletons Halo Ross Baker
Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons 2013 Halo Ross Baker
Sexting Teacher Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Shameless 2013 The Farm
Sherlock 2010 Pepper Post Production
Shop Girls Halo Ross Baker
Shuga Series 2 Halo Ross Baker
Siege in the Sahara 2013 Halo Katherine Jamieson
Sirens (pilot) 2013 MTI Film
Six Puppies and Us Suite Joe Stabb
Skins 2014 The Farm
Sleeping Beauty Halo Ross Baker
Some Girls Halo Ross Baker
Songs of the South Halo Ross Baker
Sounds of London Halo Ross Baker
Southland 2013 Keep Me Posted Keith Shaw
Space Ark PILOT Halo Ross Baker
Speed Dreams the Fastest Place on Earth Halo Ross Baker
Speed with Guy Martin 2014 Narduzzo Too Vince Narduzzo
Spy Secrets Halo Ross Baker
Squeeze Halo Ross Baker
Stacey Solomon: Depression, Teen Mum and Me Halo Ross Baker
Stephen Hawking: Did God Create the Universe Halo Ross Baker
Stephen Hawking's Grand Design 2012 Halo Ross Baker
Steps: On the Road Again Halo Ross Baker
The 70s Halo Ross Baker
The Animals' Guide to Survival Halo Ross Baker
The Armstrong and Miller Show Series 3 Halo Ross Baker
The Bear Family & Me 2011 Films at 59
The Best of Men 2014 Films at 59
The Big Reunion: On Tour Halo Ross Baker
The Cafe Encore London Paul Staples
The Carrie Diaries 2013 Keep Me Posted
The Charlotte Crosby Experience Halo Ross Baker
The Commonwealth Games 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The Crimson Field 2014 Narduzzo Too Vince Narduzzo
The Culture Show, Holbien Halo Ross Baker
The Dark Ages: An Age for Light Halo Ross Baker
The Dog Thrower Encore London Will Coker
The Driver 2014 Halo Ross Baker
The Egyptian Job Halo Ross Baker
The End of God?Guide to Science and Religion Halo Ross Baker
The Escape Artist 2013 Encore London Paul Staples
The Fall 2013 Screen Scene
The Force Halo Ross Baker
The Fosters 2013 Keep me Posted
The Great British Food Revival Halo Ross Baker
The Great Global Warming Swindle Halo Ross Baker
The Heart of Country : How Nashville became.... Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The Honourable Woman 2014 The Farm
The Incredible Mr. Goodwin 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
The Kate Bush story: Running up theat Hill Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The Lion Ranger Halo Ross Baker
The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking With Rachel Khoo Halo Ross Baker
The Love of Books; A Sarajevo Story Halo Ross Baker
The Man Who Stopped WW3: Revealed Halo Ross Baker
The Manor Reborn Halo Ross Baker
The Mimic Halo Ross Baker
The Miracle Baby of Haiti 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
The Missing Halo Ross Baker
The Morgana Show Halo Ross Baker
The Paradise 2013 Narduzzo Too Vince Narduzzo
The Polar Bear Family and Me 2013 Films at 59
The Pranker Halo Ross Baker
The President's Gatekeepers 2013 Peacock Productions
The Prison Restaurant Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The Real White Queen and her Rivals 2013 Halo Ross Baker
The Sea King: Britain's Flying Past 2014 TVC Soho Jack Jones
The Secret Life of your Clothes Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The Shard Halo Ross Baker
The South Bank Show 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The South Bank Show 2014 Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The South Bank Show: Originals Directors Cut Andy Elliot
The Space Shuttle’s Last Flight Halo Ross Baker
The Tomorrow People 2013 Encore Hollywood Paul Westerbeck
The Tractate Middoth 2013 Encore London Paul Staples
The Village 2013 The Farm
The Walking Dead 2010 MTI Film Jeremy Sawyer
The White Queen 2013 The Farm Aidan Farrell
Thin Lizzy : Bad Reputation Directors Cut Andy Elliot
This is England 88’ 2014 The Farm
This World: The fastest changing Place on Earth Halo Ross Baker
Through The Wormhole 2010 MTI Film
Time for School Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Titanic: Case Closed Halo Ross Baker
Title Release Company Colourist
Toast of London Series 1-2 Halo Ross Baker
Tom Kerridge's Pub Grub 2013 Halo Katherine Jamieson
Too Old to Be A Mum? Halo Ross Baker
Top Boy (Season 2) 2013 TVC Soho
Trollied 2014 Films at 59
Tulisa: The Prce of Fame Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Twin Towers Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Twisted 2013 Keep Me Posted
Two Feet in the Grave Halo Ross Baker
Upstairs Downstairs 2012 Narduzzo too Vince Narduzzo
Utopia 2013 The Farm
Vegas 2012 MTI Film Jeremy Sawyer
Very Important People Halo Ross Baker
View to a Kill Halo Ross Baker
Walks of Fame: Twiggy Directors Cut Andy Elliot
Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention 2011 Films at 59
Wallander 2012 The Farm
Warehouse 13 2013 Keep Me Posted
Welcome To Rio 2013 Clear Cut Pictures Enge Gray
Wikileaks : Secrets and Lies Halo Ross Baker
Women of the War of the Roses Halo Ross Baker
You me and Them Suite Joe Stabb
Yukon Men 2012 Final Frame