The DVO tools are the foundation for the Phoenix products. The tools were designed for Film and Video restoration but many of them have applications in the new digital camera domain.

Phoenix Touch

Phoenix Touch contains powerful automatic dust-busting capability alongside a high quality manual repair toolset that can turn around intensive repair tasks quickly. Phoenix Touch can also act as assist station to Phoenix Refine and Phoenix Finish.

Phoenix Video

Phoenix Video is a highly automated restoration and enhancement solution for handling video content stored on tape formats such as 1¨, U-Matic and Betacam SP.. The system handles common image defects such as dropouts, severe noise, cross colour artifacts, line sync problems and more. Additional features include motion compensated frame rate conversion and high-quality upscaling, as well as full support for common broadcast codecs.

Phoenix Refine

Comprehensive toolset for repairing damaged film. Combining the best in automatic, semi-automatic and manual restoration tools, Phoenix Refine adds editorial and effects processing capability. The result is a single system with outputs for both mastering or archive.

Phoenix Finish

Brings all the power of both Phoenix Refine and Phoenix Video together in a unique combination, allowing users to fully correct and deliver projects of mixed film and video media within a single timeline, including a complete set of powerful colour tools

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  • Golden Eye 4
    4K Archive Scanner
    8mm to 65mm
    Universal Optics

  • Phoenix Restoration
    Restore and Enhance

  • DVO Restoration Tools

  • Nucoda Colour Grading
    Advanced colour grading
    HDR and Dolby Vision
    4K and UHD

Phoenix Product Matrix

Product DVO Convert DVO Restore DVO Enhance DVO Video DVO Dust & Fix DVO Dry Clean DVO RGBRegrain
Phoenix Touch X Option Option
Phoenix Video X X
Phoenix Refine X X
Phoenix Finish X X X X

The addition of the integrated video restoration toolset enables our customers to expand their services and bring new life to valuable content stored on tape. Phoenix is now the only high-end restoration and mastering solution that provides both film and video restoration tools


Restoration workflow

Grade and Mastering

DVO Tools available for Phoenix*

Version dependant

DVO Tool Effect Conv Enh Rest Cam Video Classic
DVO Alias Removes line-flicker and unwanted patterning X X X X
DVO Aperture High quality spatial sharpener X X X X
DVO Brickwall Sharp frequency cut-off to eliminate artefacts X X X X
DVO Chroma Fixes chromatic aberration or chroma artefacts X X X X
DVO Clarity The best grain & noise reducer available today X X
DVO Cross-colour Removes chroma or dot crawl from video X
DVO De-Interlace Accurate creation of progressive frames X
DVO Dry Clean Superb automated large artefact removal X
DVO Dust Automated motion compensated dust removal X
DVO Fix Motion compensated manual fix and clone X
DVO Flicker Automatic flicker removal X X
DVO Frame Advanced frame reconstruction tool X X
DVO Dust and Fix Automated Dust removal with manual Fix X
DVO Dropout +Fix Highly accurate removal of video dropout X
DVO Grain Motion estimated grain & noise management X X X
DVO GrainGT Accelerated version of DVO Grain. X X X X
DVO Line-Sync Removes line jitter from edges of video material X
DVO Noise Removes unwanted noise on video materials X
DVO Pixel Automated dead pixel dectetion and repair X X X X
DVO Print Align Automatically aligns RGB separation prints X
DVO Print Align Seq Aligns sequential RGB separation prints X
DVO Regrain Adds grain to video to match with film sequences X X X
DVO RegrainRGB Add realistic, highly customisable grain to images X X
DVO Scratch Removes vertical and continuous scratches X
DVO Sharpen Sharpens picture detail and not the noise or grain X X
DVO Steady Removes camera shake or other unsteadiness X X X
DVO Steady II Removes Film weave and Splice jumps X X
DVO Stereo Fix Corrects colour variations and image alignment O
DVO Warp Remove Telecine splice warps automatically X
DVO Three Two Automated Cadence detaction and removal X
DVO Twister High quality standards conversion X
DVO Upscale Upscale SD to HD - Sharpen and Interlace Enh X
DVO Zoom Optimized up and down scaling of film or video X