Thor is a hardware processor designed for running the most demanding algorithms in real-time or faster. It is capable of processing image sequences or video signals for tape or live operation.


Even though the world is turning to digital technology for acquiring images, and film is quickly being replaced, the need for enhancing images is as important as it has ever been.

Digital images suffer from different problems, but those issues still need to be addressed.

As for archives, they are faced with masses of decaying film and video that need digitalization and processing. Image processing can be a complex task and even with advances in technology, the speed is seldom adequate.

We have gone back to our roots and designed a hardware system that will allow real time or faster processing, without compromising the quality of the final image.

Thor is designed for both speed and quality, a challenge to achieve when heavy duty image processing is involved.

How does Thor fit into your workflow?

Thor works seamlessly as part of  the Nucoda, Phoenix and Loki software. It is transparent to the user and automatically speeds up processing for supported algorithms.

How fast is Thor?

Thor can process HD material at around 80 to 100 frames per second depending on storage.In UHD a single stream will be processed in real-time up to 40fps. To apply multiple effects, depending on the chosen algorithm, separate passes could be required.

What plug-ins will be available?

Digital Vision has a comprehensive set of DVO (Digital Vision Optical) algorithms. All our tools are highly automated and provide superior results. We have tools for film and video restoration and also tools for enhancing and improving digital images.

These tools are well known and loved by Nucoda and Phoenix users. Thor uses the same DVO algorithms, but optimised and adapted to make the most of the incredible processing power of the Thor hardware.

The first to benefit from the power of Thor will be DVO Clarity. Clarity is an important tool, in the restoration arena, where it is used to manage film grain. It is also used on a daily basis to process digitally acquired material and remove digital noise and compression artefacts before grading or editing.

Other tools will be made available for Thor:
Thor Dust II – automated dust busting
Thor Steady II – automated image stabilisation
Thor Twister II – motion estimated standards conversion

This list is not exhaustive and the development is subject to market needs.

What tools are currently available?

Thor Clarity 1.1

Automated texture and detail controls preserving grain with noise management.

Thor Clarity is designed to work in any resolution, from SD to 4K and above.

The algorithm includes grain/noise characteristics analysis for automated grain and noise reduction, motion estimation engine and spatio-temporal filter.

Thor Clarity provides stunning images, virtually artefact free but still retaining the original image sharpness and texture.

Having become a much used tool and approved by major players in broadcast, restoration and post production, DVO Clarity has now replaced DVO Grain as the industry standard in grain and noise management. 8 – 16 bit integer data

Thor Ultra

A collection of three tools running in parallel

● Thor Clean – noise and grain reduction with clip based analysis
● Thor Zoom –  high quality up-scale algorithm for HD to UHD and 4K conversions
● Thor Sharpen – high quality image sharpening with intelligent sharpening

All three tools are presented in a single GUI to allow optimal processing order and are 16 bit capable.