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Nucoda colour grading and mastering solutions have been used on many of the best known films, commercials, documentaries, music videos and television programs around the globe.

At Digital Vision, we understand that our customers need more than just leading toolsets to create sophisticated look enhancements. More importantly our solutions need to work with multiple camera and file formats, allow for collaborative workflows and deliver finished content for different viewing platforms, including stereoscopic 3D. In a nutshell, Nucoda was designed to offer a lot more than just colour grading.

User Videos

F65 Grading Roush Media

F65 Grading Roush Media

Interview with Incendio

Interview with Incendio

Interview with Lionel Kopp

Interview with Lionel Kopp


Nucoda combines a creative tool set with a very tight integration to the Avid workflow, including full support for Interplay. Setting new standards in the highest quality, Nucoda is a fully featured ACES grading system, featuring HDR grading and real time EXR file format support.

With an industry leading colour toolset used by clients such as Keep Me Posted, Encore, Pixar and Disney, Nucoda creates complex looks and visual styles for animation, working in 2K/4K and stereo. Included with Nucoda is a range of image processing tools called DVO Classic, consisting of DVO Grain, DVO Aperture, DVO Regrain and DVO Brickwall.


Our customers aren’t interested in how we do what we do behind the scenes. What they’re really interested in are great images, flexible schedules, affordability and the latest technologies that actually deliver what’s promised – quickly and efficiently. Tim Kelly, Senior VP at Keep Me Posted – Fotokem

Nucoda Look

An entry level grading solution based on the industry-leading Digital Vision image science technology and Nucoda colour tools. Nucoda Look is ideally suited for use as a pre-grade assist station, either in the post production facility or on-set. It can be used as a preparation station for the Nucoda grading system to ingest or conform video or film content directly onto the timeline. It is also an excellent post-grade deliverables system.


Core Features

  •  64 bit native application makes use of all available system memory and cope with even the biggest images, including 4K.
  •  Familiar non-linear timeline layout and processing material in a natural and flexible way, with multiple video and audio tracks.
  •  Timeline and shot bookmarks allow for better organisation and retrieval of information.
  •  Versioning, easily add different versions of shots to the same timeline.
  •  Import and conform support for a large number of image formats including standard list formats like AAF, and EDL
  •  Automatically extract metadata and conform sequences.
  •  A powerful library for managing all imported and referenced material with sorting, searching and sophisticated metadata handling.
  •  Automatic library folder creation and item naming options on file import based on user configurable metadata extraction.
  •  World class interoperability with third-party systems supporting industry standard formats like Avid DNxHD, AAF, MXF and QuickTime.
  •  Read and write DPX, Avid DNxHD, MXF and QuickTime formats.

Precision Control Panel


The Precision control panel represents the next-generation of integrated work surfaces for Nucoda grading and finishing solutions. As a comprehensive colour-correction system for file-based image processing, the new panel offers unprecedented flexibility and dramatically improves the performance and productivity of colourists.


  •  Every tool has extremely powerful isolation and routing functionality.
  •  Isolation can be matte based, user-defined shape based or undertaken via sophisticated keyer functionality.
  •  Layers can be selectively cached to streamline operations and greatly enhance user interactivity.
  •  Multi monitor support with different resolution configurations makes working on complex timelines a breeze.
  •  Effect save and recall – save and recall effects using notes, from single effects to complicated multi-layered effects.
  •  Create a library of notes and apply to any segment on any timeline in any project.
  • Rendering engine – unobtrusive background rendering ensures you always have the best results available without interruption.
  •  GPU acceleration – realtime Master Layer accelerates rendering for Pan & Scan and Colour Correction work.
  •  Multiple formats can be used and delivered from the same timeline.
  •  Globally apply final crops or resizes.
  •  VTR I/O Ingest and output. PAL, NTSC, HD,  2K and 4k monitoring
  •  Support for  RAW files from Canon , Sony, ARRI ,RED, Silicon Imaging SI-2k, Phantom and Cinema DNG

Tangent Element Control
Modular and expandable

The Tangent Element is a modular and affordable control panel. It is expandable to suit any requirements and is very robust. The balls and rings are sensitive and allows for fine control.
It includes software to customise the tool layout and mapping. Nucoda fully supports custom mapping on the Element Panels.


DVO Classic

Creative tools to improve detail, remove the unwanted and add that extra touch.

With over 25 years of research and development the company’s DVO image processing tools have become the most revered tool set in the post production industry. Providing the very best quality tools for restoration, enhancement and format conversion.

DVO Grain – Need to manage grain?

DVO Grain manages the look of film grain and reduces unwanted electronic noise in film and video. DVO Grain removes the electronic noise generated by any video camera and older telecines and its advanced motion estimation prevents lag, smear and softening of the picture – even with aggressive settings.

The mixer function on the final output allows you to bring back as much of the original noise or grain as you choose. This gives you complete control over the filmic look you desire. DVO Grain utilizes Digital Vision’s Emmy Award-winning PHAME motion estimation technology.

DVO Re-grain – Need natural film grain – fast?

Use DVO Re-grain to quickly set up and generate natural looking film grain, matching almost any type of film stock. Use the intuitive controls to set grain size and sharpness, and match the characteristics of the highlight and lowlight intensities.

DVO Brickwall – Reduce compression artefacts

DVO Brickwall provides an extremely sharp cut-off at a user-defined frequency. This enables you to create an accurately defined spectral content of material for various types of compression pre-processing. Coupled with other DVO tools, the quality of the image subjected to compression can usually be greatly improved.

DVO Aperture – Need sharper, crisper pictures?

DVO Aperture makes pictures appear sharper using a high-quality spatial filter. This is essential when you’re working with film scans. Film scanners tend to lose a great deal of high-frequency information that DVO Aperture can restore. Together with DVO Grain, you can now sharpen images AND creatively manage the look of film grain.