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There is a growing unease in the knowledge that precious film and video archives are deteriorating daily.


We understand the problems that archives are facing today: there is a growing unease in the knowledge that precious film and video archives are deteriorating daily and taking the first steps in protecting these valuable assets is a daunting prospect. For that reason, we developed Bifrost.

Bifrost Archive Bridge is a unique solution that enables archive owners to preserve and restore their film and video assets using a cost effective workflow.

There are various components to the Bifrost Archive Bridge which can be tailored to suit your requirements. If you need an end to end solution, Bifrost provides a workflow that will allow you to migrate your archive to digital assets.


Bifrost also includes an extensive web based logging and reporting infrastructure, developed by Digital Vision, which allows progress to be remotely monitored and analysed.

This includes:

1. Logging and cataloguing film and video assets – including custom XML and metadata integration
2. Film scanning or video digitisation
3. Audio synchronisation and digitisation
4. Automated restoration – THOR hardware acceleration is available as part of the Bifrost solution
5. Quality control: putting the archivist in charge of quality control
6. Delivery of media assets as required in single or multiple formats, RAW file archive, broadcast/web media and metadata

If you are already in the process of transferring your archive, you could also benefit from our award winning automated restoration tools in your current workflow. At Digital Vision, we have the expertise to create custom software to integrate our systems with yours.

Regardless of your requirements, Bifrost can be tailored to suit your needs and bridge the gap in your archive workflow.

We would love to speak to you and discuss your requirements. We can arrange a visit to your archive or you can visit our demo suite in Soho, London.


Built with flexibility in mind, Bifrost is suitable for any size film archive