74th Congress of FIAF at the National Film Archive in Prague

74th Congress of FIAF at the National Film Archive in Prague


The National Film Archive in Prague welcomed the delegates and guests of the 74th Congress of FIAF.

Digital Vision, proud supporters of International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), were very proud to be invited to attend on its very prestigious 80th anniversary. FIAF’s success in raising the public’s awareness of International Film Archives, facilitating historical research and promoting film culture though publications (widely available in libraries and institutions) is unmatched. In recognition of this fact, this year’s conference focused on the future of film archiving and the resultant hope and optimism growing within the industry going forward. Sharing was one of the hot topics of the symposium during the first two days of the Congress, bringing lots of inspiration, both for the implementation of as well as conceptual thinking about, FIAF’s mission in the 21st century. The 2018 Congress and Symposium was held in the New Building of the Czech Republic National Museum. This was another great conference, at yet another great location and Digital Vision would like to thank all those who made this such a wonderful event. With a special thank you to the Czech Republic for whom 2018 also marks a series of political anniversaries, such as the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 and the Prague Spring and subsequent occupation in 1968. We look forward to seeing old and new friends very soon!


FIAF 80th Birthday Cake

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