Features & Options

Loki is the ultimate solution for file based image processing tasks, combining over 25 years of research and development into a cost-effective, versatile and scalable software solution.

Leading image processing tools

Loki provides the world’s best suite of image processing algorithms that can be easily configured to create broadcast, post production and archive workflow solutions such as standards conversion, format conversion, noise reduction, digital camera image repair, restoration and more. With over 20 advanced tools to choose from, the workflow possibilities are endless...

Watch folders

Set up drop folders for automated processing to one or more outputs.

Configurable presets

Create presets for use in different workflows. Presets are created and shared across all nodes across the network.

Preview effects

See a video preview of the resulting images before committing to the export.

Audio passthrough/export

Whether pass-through or retime , import and export a range of audio formats including WAV, MXF audio, and Quicktime Audio.

FTP upload

Automatic upload of completed exports to FTP.

Burn in capability

Comprehensive options for text, timecode, and logo burn in.

Pre-export file analysis

Metadata and analytics to assist processing decisions prior to export.

Email alerting

Detailed email reporting to multiple addresses upon job completion.

Job scheduling

Loki’s advanced control allows for scheduled start times and prioritisation of jobs to maximise usage efficiency of new and existing infrastructure.

Network node capability

Loki seamlessly and easily scales over the power of multiple nodes to increase throughput and speed of exports.

Usage reporting

Export job details in CSV and TXT file formats to assist in techncial analysis and billing.

RAW format support

Loki accepts an extensive range of camera RAW formats and takes advantage of the optional and unique de-bayer enhancement tools.

Pre-export file analysis

Metadata and analytics to assist processing decisions prior to export.

Email alerting

Detailed email reporting to multiple addresses upon job completion.

Combine multple files

Choose multiple input video files and combine them into a single exported file.

Processing options included as standard:

Combine multple files
Colour Conversions
Apply LUTs
Test Pattern Generator
Interlacing tools

Customise your workflow with the Loki DVO plug-ins

Digital Vision’s award winning DVO image processing toolset has set the standard around the world for excellence in image quality. Loki now unleashes this unique and unparalleled toolset into fully configurable and automated workflows to allow you to attain the highest image quality for your media whatever your need or market sector.

Decide on the number of clients and render nodes needed and then simply choose your tools from the extensive range of DVO plug-ins below to complete your Loki workflow.

Loki DVO Plug-in


DVO Twister Superior standards conversion suitable for any field/frame rate to all field/frame rates.
DVO 3:2 3:2 pulldown including automatic broken cadence detection and repair.
DVO Up-Convert The ultimate resolution independent upconverter.
DVO Clarity The legendary automatic noise reduction and grain management.
DVO De-interlace The highest quality motion compensated de-interlacer maintaining full vertical resolution and fluid motion.
DVO Dropout A fully automatic and highly accurate video drop-out removal system.
Cross Colour Seamlessly removes Cross Colour (Chroma Crawling), common on legacy PAL/NTSC video formats.
DVO LineSync Eliminates line jitter from analogue video tape sourced material.
DVO Brickwall Psychovisual redundant spectrum filtering to maximise compression efficiency and remove unwanted image artefacts.
DVO Chroma Reduces undesirable colour artefacts on film and video caused by lens aberations, VT colour bleed and digital de-bayering.
DVO Flicker Perfect for removing all types of flicker from film and video material whether caused by faded film or bad lighting.
DVO Dust Motion compensated detect and repair dust removal.
DVO Scratch Auto-detection and seamless concealment of vertical scratches.
DVO Print Align Fully automatic sub-pixel accurate RGB separation print alignment.
DVO Re-grain Adds natural grain for that organic cinematographic look and feel.
DVO Sharpen Object adpative image detail sharpening with noise and grain rejection and no ringing on edges..
DVO Aperture High frequency detail enhancement ideal for sharpening film scans while maintaining the integrity of film.
DVO Grain The colourist’s choice for over a decade for management of film grain without loss of the filmic look.
DVO Steady Ideal for automatically stabilising film weave and general image instability.
DVO Warp Fully automated correction of image warping caused by film shrinkage and splice joins.
DVO Pixel Automatically seeks and destroys dead/zombie pixels restoring them back to life.

Powered by DVO , the Industry standard image processing tools for film, video and digital media from Digital Vision.

For more information on DVO, see the main Digital Vision websiteLearn More