Incendio Puts Nucoda in the Hot Seat

Incendio Puts Nucoda in the Hot Seat

Since opening its doors in 2011, Venice-based Incendio has played a key role in projects that have garnered global attention, from spots and independent films to public space installations and chart-topping music videos. Incendio co-founder Clark Muller envisioned and then established a strategically designed, technically powerful environment that relied upon carefully chosen tools. Among those tools is Digital Vision Nucoda.

Muller is a veteran of the post production industry and brings the creative sensibilities of a colorist to the endeavour. Incendio was built to be a place where art and technology achieve a seamless partnership, and Nucoda played a pivotal role in Incendio’s color pipeline from the very beginning. “We’ve always seen Nucoda as the best choice for us,” Muller said. “It’s flexible, powerful and does what we need it to do. In the past few months, we’ve gotten the chance to collaborate on some of the most interesting work coming out of top agencies and production companies, and Nucoda was instrumental in our ability to deliver the caliber of work that was required.”

Incendio is a leading choice for color grading music videos, with an impressive roster of credits. “Over the past year, we’ve gotten to work on projects for artists like and Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, CeeLo, Nelly, Keyshia Cole and Marc Anthony.  The creative demands are tremendous, and the Nucoda helps us to meet them,” said Muller.

Also seen as a go-to facility for spots, Incendio has completed a number of major projects, including two spots for the aerospace giant Northrop Grumman, “Stealth” and “Airplane.” “We worked remotely on the Northrop Grumman spots. The clients were in New York, and I finalized color with them from Venice,” said Muller. “One of us from Incendio was with the agency in New York for the sessions, and it was absolutely seamless. They were great projects to be a part of.” Other recent work includes spots for Target, Scion, Lexus, Sapporo, Coke Zero, Honda, Sony, Adidas, Jaguar, Lamborghini and Prada.

Serving clients at a highly sophisticated level demands that the Incendio team remain fluent in the evolving lexicon of technology. “We see every kind of digital camera format, as well as film, and we simply assume that there will be different formats coming to us all the time. We understand that our clients are going to use every option available to them to produce compelling material, and Nucoda helps us to be ready for what that means in reality.”

Muller also noted that the other capabilities of the Nucoda software greatly support their color tools. “The DVO toolset makes it easier to manage the expansive palette of images. It enables us to work in Rec 709 or the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and manage grain, and render seamlessly. All of that offers us incredible flexibility and ease of use. For example, the DVO Clarity Grain Management tool produces exceptional results, which is meaningful in the world we operate in with different file types coming in, often in different pieces and in various formats. On a recent project, which had GoPro footage cut in to other camera formats, there were demands placed on the color grading process that required tools to help clean and match a variety of acquisitions. In our experience, nothing holds a candle to Nucoda.”

In addition to two Nucoda’s and Precision panels, Incendio relies on a powerful technical backbone that evolves and changes. Muller concluded, “We are helping to produce outstanding images for our clients, and that’s an incredible opportunity. We always bring our creativity and commitment to the process, but we know that the technological tools we offer enable us to deliver on the artistic promise. Digital Vision has helped us do that since we started, and they continue to make sure we are ready to provide the finest color grading possible.”

The creative demands are tremendous, and the Nucoda helps us to meet them