Digital Vision announce release of version 2018.1


Digital Vision announces release of 2018.1 of Nucoda grading and Phoenix restoration software.

2018.1 is another major release for us and we hope you will enjoy the new features.



Some of the new features in 2018.1

– Add multiple effects in an effects layer
– DVO Scratch Target
– DVO Dirt Map, improved DVO DryClean

– New track solo mode, updates to track lock, selecting and viewing
– Clip Extract – extract clips from a mixdown source
– Performance increase in reading and writing Apple Prores
– Video I/O – Access to HDR settings via HDMI with AJA Kona
– ACES file properties change for YCbCr files
– Improved grade merge tool

Be sure to read the 2018.1 New Features document for an explanation of what’s new.


About Digital Vision

Digital Vision is the supplier of the world’s best colour grading, restoration and film scanning solutions for the broadcast,
film, commercial and archive industries, with offices in London, Los Angeles and Stockholm. Digital Vision’s Emmy Award
winning technology and products include Nucoda and Phoenix colour grading, finishing, mastering and restoration
solutions that are used to create much of the worlds’ high profile television, film and commercials media broadcast
and distributed today. In addition to the Nucoda and Phoenix ranges, Golden Eye film scanners, Thor, and Loki provide
innovative tools to create the industry recognised highest quality in scanning, film digitisation, preservation and archiving
and 4K real time image processing.

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