Digital Vision announce DVO for Autodesk Flame

Digital Vision announce DVO for Autodesk Flame

2018 sees Digital Vision turn 30 and we are proud to announce our new initiative ‘DVO Access’. This initiative makes the DVO tools compatible with a variety of host platforms outside of our own Nucoda, Phoenix and Loki applications.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the DVO Sparks plug-in for Autodesk Flame which will be released on 4th July 2018. The plug-in comprises  DVO Clarity, DVO Sharpen, DVO Chroma and DVO RGB Re-grain and will empower the Flame artist to deliver imagery at the highest possible quality level when faced with issues such as digital noise, lens aberration, de-bayer colour fringing, poor focus, etc.

DVO Clarity

Automatic texture preserving grain and noise management. Clarity is designed to work in any  resolution, from SD to 4K and above. With completely new algorithms including individual colour channel noise characteristic analysis for automated grain and noise reduction, new motion estimation engine and a new innovative spatio-temporal filter. DVO Clarity provides stunning images, virtually artefact free, while retaining the original image sharpness and texture and is considered the gold standard in grain and noise management by major players in Broadcast, Restoration, CGI and Post Production.

DVO Sharpen

An advanced sharpening tool that greatly enhances out-of-focus shots. It uses adaptive picture analysis and  processing to yield excellent results without the common side effects associated with standard algorithms such as amplified grain, noise and halos around edges.

DVO Chroma

Used to eliminate the effects of colour fringing on high frequency detail introduced by lens aberrations and/or during the of de-bayering of RAW material.

DVO RGB Re-grain

Allows the user to quickly set up and generate natural looking film grain. The intuitive controls enable you to  match almost any type of film stock by setting the grain size and sharpness as well as matching the  characteristics of high light and low light intensity behaviour. DVO Re-grain RGB gives full creative control to the operator, providing individual control of R, G and B channels, size,  sharpness and uniformity on a per channel basis

About Digital Vision

Digital Vision is the supplier of the world’s best colour grading, restoration and film scanning solutions for the broadcast, film, commercial and archive industries, with offices in London, Los Angeles and Stockholm. Digital Vision’s Emmy award winning technology and products include Nucoda and Phoenix colour grading, finishing, mastering and restoration solutions that are used to create much of the worlds’ high profile television, film and commercials media broadcast and distributed today. In addition to the Nucoda and Phoenix ranges, Golden Eye film scanners, Thor, and Loki provide innovative tools to create the industry recognised highest quality in scanning, film digitisation, preservation and archiving and 4K real time image processing.

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