Dominican Republic National Archive

Golden Eye 4

The prestigious Archivo General de la Nación de República Dominicana (AGN), located in Santo Domingo, serves as the country’s primary archival institution. Employing a team of specialists to manage various forms of documentary media, the AGN maintains a collection that includes 23,000 linear meters of documentation, as well as photographic, cartographic and audiovisual materials representing the heritage of the Dominican Republic.

In 2005, on the initiative of former President of the Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernandez, the AGN started an intensive process of renewal in order to rescue materials from more than four decades of neglect. In support of that effort, the AGN recently installed a Golden Eye 4 film scanner. With its innovative Universal Optical system, Digital Vision’s industry-leading Golden Eye 4 is the most flexible archive scanner available.

“We chose the Golden Eye 4 scanner to integrate into our archive for a number of reasons,” said Raylin Alexander Calvo Lopez, of the Archivo General de la Nación de República Dominicana. “Digital Vision’s scanner has the capacity to support all of the formats we require for digitization, including Super 8mm, Super 16mm, 16mm and 35mm. A high percentage of the film that we are working with is in bad condition, and the Golden Eye allows materials with damaged perforations to be digitized as well. And the team from Digital Vision has provided us with all the support we have needed.”

“When the AGN began looking for scanning equipment, they visited other archives that they have relations with, and saw the Golden Eye in action,” noted Raúl Flamini, President of ID Corp, s.r.l., which conducted the transaction. “Digital Vision’s film scanner is ideally suited to their specific needs, as they seek to preserve these important materials for the country and for the greater humanity. Throughout the process, Digital Vision was extremely helpful and wonderful to work with, especially the technician that travelled from London to oversee the installation and train the staff at AGN.”

In addition to the Archivo General de la Nación de República Dominicana, the high speed, high-resolution Golden Eye 4 scanner can be found at a host of institutions, including the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and the Hong Kong Film Archive. “We developed the Golden Eye 4 to specifically meet the needs of film archives, and that is why it has become the leading film scanner in this field,” said Greg Holland, Worldwide Vice President of Sales for Digital Vision. “The Golden Eye 4 combines performance and flexibility, delivering the perfect system for the AGN. It was an honour to work with the AGN and their team, and we look forward to future collaborations with them.”

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